How long StreamCollab has been in business?

The Vendor Portal application that is the basis of StreamCollab has been in the market for 10 years now.

What is StreamCollab Vendor Portal?

StreamCollab is a cloud-based (SaaS) subscription-based service of the Simplain Vendor Portal that will allow your vendors to provide controlled data in your ERP / MDM system as well as view-controlled information provided by your ERP system on a fully secured platform.

What Public Cloud Platform StreamCollab Vendor Portal is available?

Our Multi- Tenant SaaS solution is available on Microsoft Azure.

Do you have an On- Premises License?

We have On Premise and Single Tenant Deployment as per customer’s requirement. We can work with customers to deliver a single tenant deployment on other Cloud Providers such as Azure, AWS, SAP, and Oracle. We can provide specific customer references for various modes of deployments.

Do you have a Reseller Program?

We currently have resellers to co-sell and add-value. We also work with well-known system integrators that adopt our solutions and build a larger infrastructure on our platform. Please contact the StreamCollab sales team more about our Re-seller/Partnership program.

What current modules are available in StreamCollab?

We are currently offering: , Vendor Registration and Management, Item Introduction and Management, Cost/Mass Cost, Deals, Rebate, Invoice, PO Management, and KPI modules. In addition, there is an Administration control module that is required for these modules. Other modules may be added in the future. Vendor Portal Base Platform is essential to install any module.

Do we need to buy all the modules to make this work?

No, you can select which modules will help maximize your company’s effectiveness. Just choose from the modules listed in the website solution listing.

What is Streamcollab Strategic Consulting Service?

We provide customized implementation services for every customer to make sure they are deriving the maximum benefit out of our solution. We also provide Supply Chain Engineering, integration services, Managed Services using our expertise in the Grocery and Convenience Store Industry for 14 years.

Can StreamCollab Deliver Measurable ROI?

One of the available modules is the Key Performance Index (KPI). If you choose to activate this module, you will have quantitative reports to analyze and drill-down on to improve your measurables. The ROI is served from operational value, saving valuable time of Buyers and Category Managers, mitigating compliance risks, and losing revenue due to invoice, deal, rebate mishandling and inconsistencies.

Who are your customers?

Vendor Portal customers include Dollar General, Longo’s Markets, United Supermarkets, and Southeastern Grocers, Freson Bros, Grocery Outlet etc. We are pleased to have a base of wonderful partners.


How do I set up the vendor portal?

The StreamCollab software resides in the cloud and awaits your subscription. From there, our Technical Team will work with your IT team to configure the data content from your systems resources and your desired data processing flow.

How do I add users?

Vendor Users can register for access to your instance. Retail Users are provisioned by the Admin user.

How secured is Vendor Portal?

We are a SOC-compliant company and utilize encryption protocols to provide our software to you on a secured platform and transmit information safely. Cloud delivery is covered by the overarching security commitment from the Cloud platform provider.

Can we Integrate Vendor Portal with other software packages?

Since we are using standard Web Services for data feeds, it does not matter what software packages StreamCollab interfaces with. Individual modules can be configured to work with other 3rd party systems. An example would be the Item Introduction module that can optionally be configured to work with GS1 for utilizing standardized product UPCs.

Do you replace other ERP/ MDM Systems?

We do not attempt to replace an ERP system. Instead, we work together with whatever your ERP / MDM system is. The advantage of StreamCollab Is that we can scale to your system. This is quite useful for small to mid-size corporations with a smaller-scaled system but wants to immediately take advantage of secured vendor communication and data feeds that smaller-scaled systems cannot provide for you.

What are the data feeds accepted by Vendor Portal?

StreamCollab uses the standard Web Services to transfer data between the StreamCollab Vendor Portal and your ERP system.

What user training is provided once we purchase the vendor portal?

You will have access and can download the electronic versions of the manuals for your purchased modules. Besides, you will have access to the StreamCollab Helpdesk. Customized training and ongoing support are provided. Please speak to the sales team.