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Why Us

Ensure Data Accuracy. Vendor Accountability. Promote Product Transparency.

About The Streamcollab

StreamCollab is a cloud-based, vendor collaboration solution that is full-featured and ready to go. 

With most software providers, you have to pay for massive custom modifications to allow your vendors to have a portal into your ERP system.  With StremCollab, you can simply configure its data mapping and use it with your current ERP application using Web services as a standard data communication interface.  This eliminates the risk associated with manual work, improves data accuracy, and presents the right product with the right pricing in front of the shoppers.


StreamCollab contains such collaboration modules as Item Management, New Item Introduction, Cost Management, Deals and Rebate Management, Invoice Management, DSD and Assortment Management, and Data-Driven Vendor KPI Management.  Along with administrative and reporting functionality, you can pick and choose which modules you currently need. It fits any business size. We have installation from a few stores to tens of thousands of stores.

The StreamCollab Vendor Portal is purpose-built for grocery retailers and convenience stores.  Nutrition, allergen, label and expiry information can be captured. It is offered in subscription packages that you can pay for as long as you need.  Consider StreamCollaba stepping stone to allow you to do a next-level business collaboration with your vendors right away.  This can speed up time-to-shelf significantly.


The StreamCollab portal securely transmits data both ways. Vendors can safely get a peek at the relevant status regarding the acceptance of their items, costs and deals, and once established, their ongoing order processing.  At the same time, you can have the vendors electronically present and provide as much dynamically current information regarding their products and the lowest possible prices as you desire at any given time.  Such real-time collaboration on the actual data instead of being buried in emails or needing to be entered based on phone calls is what you need to make your partnership with your vendors valuable and fulfilling.  This is the StreamCollab advantage.

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